From Tide to Wave

What we have proposed, in this dossier, is not a simple response to base building. It is not an argument to do labor work and electoral work instead of tenant organizing or mutual aid. It is, rather, a call for us to consistently hone our thinking about the work we do, to have our goals define our work and our work define our goals.

From Tide To Wave

The Left Wind is proud to publish From Tide to Wave: Base Building and Communist Politics, an ebook edited by our collaborators Jean RD Allen and Teresa Kalisz. This volume collects articles from Allen and Kalisz, like Everyday Ruptures, alongside republished work from Rodrigo Nunes, Kate Doyle Griffiths, and CounterPower/ContraPoder. New material from Allen and Kalisz gives an introduction to base building and argues for a reimaging of the term, concluding with a new program for base builders across the country.