This blog was started by its editors, Avery Minnelli and El Levin, as an attempt to facilitate dialogue among the Marxist left and to put forth our own interventions in theoretical and practical debates. Our starting point was a critique of Leninist sects. We’ve since explored topics such as organizing strategies, political cults, party-building, and Stalinism. As our political interests expand and evolve, so too will the subjects explored at The Left Wind.

We are officially open for submissions. This blog has no “official political line,” nor does publication of any piece imply wholesale endorsement by this blog’s editors. We wish to create an eclectic, pan-socialist space for good-faith debate and discussion. 

Submissions can be responses to articles on our site, original arguments, polemics, etc. There is no minimum word count, but we are looking to publish thoughtful pieces that engage with the Marxist left in a constructive manner. While we are not opposed to publishing pieces of a theoretical nature, we are looking specifically for pieces that are grounded in concrete struggle and questions of strategy and tactics.

We hope that this blog can serve as a tool for further dialogue with the intention of building inroads between socialists of various tendencies and traditions.

If you would like to make a submission, you can email us at theleftwindblog@gmail.com. Please pitch your idea or send a draft if you have one.