The Road to Power and the Beach Beneath

by Avery Minnelli and El Levin

The Marxist Center (MC) is a small but growing trend on the U.S. socialist left. Although we do not boast the membership numbers of DSA nor any significant base in the working class, we have made what we hope is a valuable intervention on the left. Against the sects and ambulance chasers, we have emphasized base-building and long-term organizing. Against the center and right of the DSA, we have emphasized revolution. It is the latter debate that has taken center stage recently.

For the MC, the stakes of the debate around revolution are existential. The Regeneration mission statement espouses the importance of “pursuing a revolutionary political line,” a core principle of our network’s political identity. Without a coherent concept of revolution, our raison d’être all but collapses.

Read more at Regeneration Magazine.

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